interim Management

What is Interim Management?
We define interim management as a fast, practice-oriented solution to business problems offered by highly experienced executives. The task is usually limited in time to three to nine months. An interim manager can also be looked at as a project manager, a consultant, and an executive all combined in one person that operates on management board level or within its corresponding environment.

Why Interim Management?
A company’s decision to hire an interim manager is usually based upon the fact that functional areas need to be staffed only temporarily or that critical personnel vacancies need to be filled whenever a new member for the company’s permanent staff cannot be found quickly enough.

Even though they are often called „consultants“, interim mangers distinguish themselves from consultants due to their practice-oriented approach.

  • Start of work within a few days with minimal recruitment and termination formalities
  • Compensation depending on performance
  • Usually overqualified and with long-standing experience and therefore able to answer your business related questions
  • Constant and quick performance
  • Passing on of specialized knowledge, contacts, and experience to your team so that the aforementioned will stay with you in the future
  • Empathy regarding your corporate culture without being restricted by your corporate policy or personality
  • Commissioning with crucial tasks that need to be concentrated on
  • Supports the reduction of fixed personnel costs
  • More cost-effective

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