By consequently using best practices within your industry we make room for innovation and enable our customers to manage change and complexity. In the course of our consulting services special care goes into the way projects and programmes are run to see how they integrate in the way the organisation operates.
We look at how those investments are justified within a Portfolio and Programmes and Projects.
We analyse how IT and shared service centres as well as their customers and suppliers interrelate to the dynamic flow of information.

When offering consultancy services, we strive to present holistic solutions (based on best industry practices and the respective initial position of our customers) for optimizing their services, processes, and costs and for effectively implementing them for our customers.

Thanks to our experience in numerous change and improvement projects we offer our consulting services in three iterative phases, with each of them being completed before the next phase is started:

Evaluation phase
Recording of the initial situation, determination of possible and recommendable measures

Design phase
Documentation of all requirements and objectives, conception of the target architecture, preparation of the implementation

Implementation phase
Building of all designed products, their successful implementation in organisational procedures and tools, transfer of the implemented solution to the operation.


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