P3M3® for Diagnostics

Understanding the Capability and the Maturity of an organisation
is essential to determine how projects and programmes are undertaken
and see how they can be performed better through an improvement initiative.

P3M3 is an acronym which means Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model.

It is a recognised and accredited approach to analysing how organisation perform against calibrated benchmarks. This enables organisations (whatever the industry and sector) to clearly, objectively and unambiguously identify how they are doing today with their management of change AND also helps them pinpoint what they need to focus on to improve.

THe 4 Steps for a P3M3 Diagnostics


Step 1 - observation

​To develop a vision and improvement approach it is necessary to understand how projects and programmes are managed today.

P3M3 helps you identify opportunities for improvement or guides you on your journey of improvement.



​This step helps you clarify where improvements can be made and how quick wins can be achieved when investing in change initiatives.

You will have a clear and objective overview and a new perspective on what can be done and how to achieve some defined objectives​.



​Defining where you want to go with your investments in change and how to reach those goals are two essential points to clarify.

Knowing where you are today is pointless if it doesn't give you an insight of where you want to go next.

A clear plan for action and an improvement strategy will enable you to define your goals.



​You can only judge if goals have been reached if you measure them.

Your P3M3 results will help you measure with no doubt if your goals have been or are being met.

You can use your results during and after the implementation of your improvement plan. They are a clear indication of your improved performance in projects and programmes.

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