January 2017

We would like to wish you all the best for this year to come, full of projects and programmes to manage.

We have been extremely busy here at Bizness Academie, improving our offer and processes continuously.
So much so that we have decided to make huge changes to how we present ourselves to the outside world.
You will read more about that in the months to come.


Happy New Year for 2017

April 2016
P2F April 2016

This was the first time we had to use a room on the 13th Floor for a group of 12 participants plus me as a trainer, so thirteen in all.
Some might see it as a bad sign but let me tell you that we had a great course with very interesting discussions about PRINCE2 and how it can be applied in a variety of environments with some great exercices too enabling the participants to have a true perspective of what the method is about.

After a studious weekend the exam was on Monday morning and what great results we had. With two near perfect scores and the majority above the 60 mark these group results were exceptional.


No need to be supersticious nor worried

March 2016

According to Lean Startup, the easiest way to progress is to fail fast.

What does that actually mean and where does this idea come from?

The concept comes from Lean Startup and suggests that we should not spend a huge amount of time developing something until we are sure that we are going in the right direction and that we will actually obtain the benefits from our efforts.

It is better, and more sensible, to focus on what works well for our audience which is not necessarily what we want to focus on.

Understanding the needs of our audience and delivering to it what they seek yields more benefits faster.

How does this idea help you in projects and change initiatives?


Fail Fast to speed up quality with Lean Startup

Managing Benefits - benefits comes first

How does Managing Benefits help you improve what value you get our of your projects and programmes of your organisation.

Projects only bring value to an organisation if they lead to benefits. That is in a nutshell the only (and true) reason for spending time and money creating products. Earning benefits.

Analysing how well you deal with managing benefits is part of a method called Management of Portfolio.

Those identified benefits must therefore be clear to all involved. Define them first in order for the project to create the right product(s). This in turn enables to gain the right benefits by using them appropriately.


Benefits come first – The art of Managing Benefits

We would like to thank all our customers who have enquired about our safety and shown enormous sympathy to those of us living and working in Brussels who feel impacted one way or another by the events.

Your marks of sympathy touch us deeply and we feel extremely grateful.

The Bizness Academie Team

Thank you

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