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Project in a box (in english)

PRINCE2 and Community Edition in English
available for download ...

AZYBAO is based in the UK and in Belgium and offers training courses in Project Management as well as supporting its customers with Portfolio, Programme and transition. It also guides customers through coaching and consulting work.
We offer accredited training courses and support in PRINCE2®, CHAMPS2, Agile PM, Praxis Framework and OBASHI®.

AZYBAO can give you the french translation of the Community Edition and of the Planner, containing the Light AccessP2 methodology version as a direct download from this website. A dutch version will be available.

We can on request organise a demonstration of the Project in a box software and discuss with you of the most suitable way to approach your training, coaching and implementation needs depending on culture, process controls, project and quality assurance.

azybao can integrate into your systems a completely adapted and tailored version of the software depending on your own methodological requirements.

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