tips and techniques for your prince2 exam and increase your success rate

Tips and techniques for your PRINCE2 exam

Here are some tips and techniques for your PRINCE2 exam. They will enable you to increase your level of success at the Foundation or Practitioner exam.

If you are taking your Practitioner exam, you will obviously benefit from mastering your manual. Mark the pages, identify the diagrams, add as many notes as possible in your manual. As it is an open book exam, use your manual as your tool thoroughly and use any available white pages to add your own notes, own diagrams and other summaries.

First answer the questions you know the answer of (I call those reflex questions, most likely definitions or purposes. Answers to those should be know and you can answer them immediately).
It will build up you confidence for the rest.

Then, beware of questions with NEGATIVE statements. Indeed, the brain does not this in negative. (For example, to make that point clear, observe what you visualise when I suggest you NOT to think of a pink elephant…).
Be doubly careful with questions containing DOUBLE negatives, as for example, Which is NOT FALSE…

You will also need to manage your time carefully. Time is precious and will go very fast…
Give yourself the time to answer all the questions with multiple answers. Which of the following statements are true (or false). That type of questions requires a bit more time. Be aware of that.

Do NOT change your mind once you have made a choice.
It is statistically proven that most of the time you will change from a correct answer to an incorrect answer.
I see a lot of candidates draw a line over a question once they have answered it. That way they are no longer tempted to come back to it and possibly change their answer.

Be sure to answer ALL the questions. Check your answer grid one last time.

I hope this will help you during your exam.

One last word, obviously the exam is a challenge but it only makes sense if you do apply PRINCE2 correctly in your real projects.
And never forget to ask yourself the necessary question of tailoring to your own environment.

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