Top ten reasons to train team members in PRINCE2 ®

Top ten reasons to train your teams in PRINCE2®

    1. PRINCE2 compels you to write a solid business case at the outset,  helping you to anticipate potential pitfalls and to control costs and timetables
    2. PRINCE2’s emphasis on risk analysis enables you to minimise the risk of your project failing  altogether or coming in over budget or late
    3. Using PRINCE2 more of your projects close on time and in budget

  1. All your colleagues will speak a common language, decreasing the likelihood of misunderstandings in the team
  2. The use of standard documents saves time and energy
  3. Successful project delivery breeds a more confident team
  4. Your customers notice the difference in quality
  5. PRINCE2’s principle of management by exception means the project manager’s manager doesn’t waste time in pointless meetings getting pointless updates
  6. PRINCE2’s standard procedures enable the project board to make informed decisions
  7. PRINCE2’s insistence on formal closure helps your team to make the most of lessons learned.

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