We are delighted to be able to announce that Bizness Academie is the first training organisation accredited for OBASHI® by the APMG in Belgium and France.

The method originates from Scotland and helps businesses understand how they function by the creation and analysis of diagrams called B&ITS and DAVs which illustrates the means, tools and systems allowing information to flow from a originator to a receiver. OBASHI is a “new standard” way of thinking about how business works and is available as a methodology, a professional accreditation and software.

  • With OBASHI you can build the “big picture” of your business and “join the dots” of your people, processes and technology,
  • With OBASHI you can fully understand the inter-connectivity of your business DNA and the critical data-flows that run through it,
  • With OBASHI you can manage change, risk, costs, data, performance and the bottom line more effectively,
  • With OBASHI you can design, optimise and monitor your business better.

Understanding clearly the weak links in the IT structure helps make the right decision about which projects should be prioritized.

Our courses aim at allowing decision-makers create a set of tools to help them analyze what should be their focus in their portfolio.

Most of our OBASHI® courses and workshops are in-house so that our clients can gain quick results and help use the method immediately.
However, we would like to share our knowledge and experience of the method during open courses the dates of which you will find in our training calendar.

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Please contact us to be kept informed of upcoming dates.


Here are a few videos about OBASHI and why it is important to you and your business.

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